Fish On !!!    I love those Big Fish…

Sometimes you get lucky, but is it really just luck? Your fishing bait rig and setup can make a world of difference. On the other hand how many times have you gone fishing and just sat there, waiting for a bite that never comes, when at other times you barely get your line in the water and bang, they hit it right away?

My story below tells of a time when I experienced an on and off bite.  It was really interesting and taught me a thing or two.

Very young girl fishing

Nobody gets bites all the time but it does seem like some people are much luckier than others.  How many times have you taken your kid out and they catch more than you do? It happens every time doesn’t it?

I had an interesting experience one day which convinced me how the bite turns on and off for no apparent reason.

Read the story below.


The Bite’s ON !!! , The Bite’s OFF! –

On this particular trip I was in Alaska fishing a stream.  Alaska is a great place to fish for cold-water species of fish like salmon, trout or grayling.   Anyway, the river I was fishing was full of late season pink salmon. It was so full of fish that I caught one on almost every cast.  The fish were pretty dark and I already had a silver and some Dolly Varden for eating so I was just fishing for the fun of it.

Man-holding-Silver-Coho-Salmon The only fishing bait I used was a spinner, a silver and red sneak. But what I found really interesting was the way the fish were hooked. At first I didn’t think anything of it. But then I noticed it changed every 20 minutes or so. 

Since I was catching a fish on almost every cast I was able to observe this change in the way they would bite, or not bite.  I say not bite because at first I was hooking the fish in a fin or across the back, snagging the fish every time. This lasted about 10 minutes.

I assumed they just weren’t biting but I was having fun snagging one 5 lb Pink after another.  I wasn’t trying to snag them. That was just the way they were hooked after winding in the spinner with a fast even retrieve. 

Then I noticed a change.  They actually started biting.  For the next 20 minutes every fish I caught had the hook inside its mouth.  That seemed strange because at first they were all foul hooked.  About 20 minutes after that, they stopped biting again but I continued to catch them foul hooked on almost every cast.  When I had almost forgotten that for a while they actually taking the bait,  it happened again. They started biting taking the spinner in their mouth. That’s when I realized this was a unique experience and I was actually seeing the bite turn on and off in these salmon for no apparent reason that I could see or understand. 

I kept fishing for a couple more hours until I tired of pulling in fish and letting them go but this pattern of off and on biting continued until I quit. 

I think I caught more fish in those few hours, than I ever caught in that period of time before.  It taught me about how the fish bite will turn off and on at random for no apparent reason.  I have seen this type of pattern many times in my fishing experience while fishing for other types of fish such as Bass, carp and catfish but I could never be sure what was happening until I had this opportunity to see it with these salmon.  I am sure it is a similar occurrence with most any type of fish.

That said don’t think just because you haven’t got a bite in the last 20 minutes or even an hour that the fish just aren’t biting for the day, or that the bait you are using isn’t going to work. They may start biting any minute.

Don’t give up too soon!

Improve your Chances

There are a lot of good choices we can make to help improve our fishing techniques.  These range from trying different types of homemade carp bait or catfish bait to the kind of fishing tackle or even the fishing line we use.  

2011-record-Oregon Channel-catfish There are different fishing rigs that can help to improve your chances of catching some very nice fish when used under the right conditions.  Although sometimes you can catch any type fish on the same fishing rig and setup it is always best to taylor your rig for what you want to catch.  Just taking a shot in the dark with the same bait the same pole and the same reel is not usually so productive and might even loose you the biggest fish of your lifetime.

It is generally best to use a catfish bait made to catch catfish when fishing for catfish. Find or make a good carp bait, when you want to  catch carp. If you don’t it’s a little like using a crappie jig to catch marlin. It’s just not likely to happen.  

There are some universal fish baits that will work for just about anything like worms,  but it’s best to use a specific type of fish bait for the fish you are targeting.  You’ll have much better luck.

In the posts on this site about carp bait and about catfish bait.  You’ll find more detailed information on what they like eat.  I hope it will help to improve your luck.  You can also take a look at my other posts which list a few details about various  options for  fishing tackle and fishing rigs that may be used.  I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck pulling in that big one or just catching a mess of fish for dinner.