OK so maybe you have read some of my posts.  My name is Rick Feightner and I enjoy doing almost anything outdoors. I hope you have liked reading my previous posts about fishing.  I have fished all my life in all types of water.  I don’t consider myself to be an expert although many people have come to believe that I know what I am talking about when it comes to fishing and many other outdoor sports.  I thank God for giving me the opportunity to experience so much in my lifetime.  I am a bit of a wanderer and love to travel both in the US and internationally. 

It’s hard for me to say what I enjoy doing most although I probably go fishing more often than any other one sport.  I have fished all across the US and Canada including Alaska and Hawaii.  I have at one time or another visited every state as well as almost every province in Canada and much of Mexico. I seldom go anywhere without a fishing pole and I have enjoyed catching some very big fish.  The largest of which are sturgeon right here at home in Oregon.  The Columbia River offers one of the best varieties for fishing opportunities I have seen anywhere.

Sturgeon found here compare to the marlin or tuna I have caught in Mexico.  They often jump, completely clearing the water when hooked and then dive deep like a giant catfish. I have caught several over 8 feet but they can grow in excess of twelve feet long. 

I also enjoy hunting, hiking, kayaking, sailing, swimming snorkeling and mountain climbing.  I have hunted both small and big game. I grew up amazed when talking with my uncle who is an avid hunter. His hunts include every big game animal found in North America. All which are of Boon and Crocket club proportions and are mounted in his trophy room.  Seeing these animals and hearing the account for each hunt was very inspiring to me as a young man. 

My hiking & climbing experiences range from hikes in the Northwestern US and Colorado to hikes through rain forests and to the top of the tallest mountain in Taiwan China. In Europe I also climbed the Monte Rosa, the tallest mountain in Switzerland, over 15,200’ high when I was 16 years old.  These days I like back packing with my son Daniel where we enjoy fishing the high mountain lakes for trout.

One of my favorite activities is being near the ocean. I love to snorkel and have gone scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef off Australia’s east coast.  I love the clear warm water there and also in Mexico and the Caribbean where I spend as much time in the water as possible while visiting. If I am not swimming or snorkeling I am walking the beach with fishing pole in hand to see what I can catch.

When I’m not near the warm ocean water I love to fish the Oregon coast.  Surf fishing is my favorite type of fishing. The challenge of casting while the wave is out and then running back to keep from getting swamped has always thrilled me. Catching red tailed perch in the surf is a lot of fun and rewarding. If the perch are not available then fishing off the rocks is fun too.  Catching my own shrimp for bait on the low tide in the bay is almost as much fun as catching fish. Fishing the ocean is far more challenging than fishing a freshwater lake or river.

God has blessed me with a great number of skills, talents and opportunities. Gifted as young man in the area mechanical understanding I excelled in drafting courses taken during high school in Indiana.  Married, I moved to Colorado immediately after graduating high school where I raised my family away from parents and relatives so that I might satisfy my dreams of adventure. I worked as a draftsman in Denver Colorado and took every opportunity to travel the mountains and enjoy nature where I learned to fish for trout.  Then joining the US Air Force a few years later I spent some years in California where I enjoyed the mountains and discovered how much I loved the ocean. I often fished both lakes and the ocean learning more about different species of fish, where they lived and how to catch them. 

Upon completion of my service in the US Air Force I returned to Indiana where I had grown up.  There I continued using my God given talent as a mechanical designer working when I must and fishing when I could. Catfish, carp, bass and pan fish were about the extent of fish available in the rivers and streams. I missed the mountains and the ocean I loved so much.   After a few years I felt the call to go west. Times were tough and though jobs were scarce I trusted that God would lead me to a place I loved. He led me to Oregon where I live today. 

God has blessed me in many ways.  By following him I found my heart.  My love for the outdoors is complete here. There is every opportunity to hunt and fish. There are places to sail, kayak, raft or swim and to ski on water or on snow. My love for hiking and biking or watching the waves roll in off the ocean over my fishing line was completely fulfilled. 

Since coming to Oregon I worked at Intel as a mechanical design engineer for 23 years. It gave me opportunities for things I never dreamed. I have traveled the world and enjoyed trips to numerous remote places. In all these places I did the things I enjoy doing outdoors. Hiking and walking along the sea. I often would watch as locals in Malaysia, Korea or China go fishing in the dirty rivers. It was exciting to see what they could catch and how they did it.  Understanding the lives they lived makes me feel blessed to live where I do and have the opportunities that God has given to me. 

I have since retired from Intel and I’m free with more time to enjoy my hobbies.  This website is a beginning of sharing a few of the things I have learned. As I said I am not an expert but I have had many opportunities in life and learned a great deal. I hope you can reap some benefit from what I write.  There are many stories I would like to share. Stay tuned and visit often as I’ll do my best to help you find joy in the outdoors.

Feel free to send me an email I would be happy to hear from you. 

My contact information is admin@catfishbait-carpbait-recipes.com