The question is what do carp eat and what should I use for carp bait?  Since carp are considered to be an omnivore they will actually eat most anything from plants to meat.  They will feed on aquatic plants, bugs, crawdads, worms, dead fish, freshwater clams or nuts and berries that fall into the water from trees.  Occasionally they can be caught on an artificial lure indicating they will eat live minnows although this is fairly rare and depends on the food source available.

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Secret Homemade Carp Bait Recipes

I have found that there two easy carp baits I have had great luck with when it comes to carp fishing.  Red worms and Wheaties are very good carp bait.  I often use one of these baits when fishing for carp.  They are simple and easy to find.  I don’t have to do anything special to either of these before fishing with them. 

Red worms are pretty strait forward. For some reason in the places I have fished carp prefer red worms over any other type of worms. Using a small, short shanked, strong hook, place two or three of them directly on the hook and drop them in the fishing hole.  Other types of fish also like red worms especially pan-fish such as brim or sunfish but I’ve seen carp chase smaller fish away to get hold of red worms themselves.  I have also caught a few carp on night crawlers but they will often ignore a night crawler where they seem to find it hard to resist red worms. 

You might be thinking how can I get Wheaties on a hook? First of all for those who don't know what Wheaties are, yes it is the breakfast cereal. For anyone living in the US it's been around for many years and is availible in most grocery stores.   Making Wheaties into carp bait is really not that hard and only takes a few minutes to make a tough dough ball. 

First get a medium to large mixing bowl.  Pour in some amount of Wheaties and crunch the flakes up with your hands.  They don’t need to be broken extremely small but do the best you can in a minute or two.  Add some water, not too much at first but just enough to make the mess very sticky.  Use your hands to form a ball working the dough by squeezing it until it loses its stickiness. You will find that it will become quite firm and it is easy to pull off a chunk and place it on a hook.  If the ball becomes dried out just dip it in the water, work it some more with your hands and it soon be the right consistency again for fishing. 

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I can’t end this article without mentioning corn.  Carp do seem to be partial to corn in almost any form from whole kernel corn placed directly on a hook to corn flakes or corn meal made into a dough ball.  If I can’t find red worms or Wheaties I will grab some corn flakes or corn meal, add something sweet, like molasses or honey. You should feel free to experiment with anything else that might be found in your cabinet that will soak out into the water to attract the fish.  Anything sweet and flavorful is worth a try.

Go here to better understand Carp bait ingredients and find some free recipes.

There are several carp baits you can purchase for fishing. Most of these are already in dough ball form and can work quite well.  Honestly I have not tried any purchased carp dough but reading the testimonials it appears many people have their favorite baits and are convinced they will catch more fish on their choice brand. 

Whatever carp bait you use, purchased or homemade I hope you have good luck and it works well for you.  Try the ones I mentioned above or one of the carp baits available through the ads posted online or from your local bait shop.  Fishing for carp can be a lot fun and very exciting. It is a great fish for kids to start out on or for you to go after for that trophy. A carp could easily be the biggest fish you ever caught.

You should use adequate fishing tackle because carp do get very large.  A proper fishing reel and fishing pole heavy enough to handle a good sized fish may be needed. Take a couple carp rigs.  Start out light and if the carp are biting you can always switch to heavier fishing tackle if it is needed. 

CARP FACTS- For a little background about carp they are a freshwater fish native to both Europe and Asia.   Being nonnative in America, introduced in 1870, the carp is considered an invasive species in the US.   Carp are closely related to the ornamental species goldfish and koi which are often seen in ponds and pools designed for show.  

Carp however are far more common in rivers, streams and ponds all across the US and in Europe.  Considered a coarse fish in the UK and a rough fish in the US.  Carp are not considered a game fish such as bass and trout however they are sought after in tournaments and for trophies. 

People fish for carp for several reasons. They can be found almost everywhere and they can grow in excess of 60 lbs. but most are commonly caught up to 20lbs.  I grew up fishing for and catching a lot of carp. The carp bait I used did the trick. The carp were big, easy to find and a lot of fun to catch.

Although not everyone eats carp, when cleaned correctly (remove the dark meat) they can be very tasty dish hard to distinguish from other more accepted table fare.  Fish from clean or clear water will have a better taste than fish from very dirty muddy water due to the fish’s diet.

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