The right fishing tackle or carp fishing rigs can make a big difference.  

Choose the right carp fishing rigs.  The fishing reel and fishing pole you choose will depend on the size fish you target. Some carp fishermen will use specialized fishing equipment and carp fishing rigs however nothing special will be needed if you are not trying to catch extremely large or record sized carp.  But carp can get very large so occasionally while fishing for smaller carp you may hook into something that light fishing tackle can’t handle.  It’s a real let down when that happens so use good carp fishing rigs, and try to prepare for the size of fish you are most likely to catch. 

I have caught some very large fish on light gear when fishing in open water. But if you are fishing from shore on a river or lake where there are a lot of snags, you’ll want to beef up you carp fishing rigs so you won't loose to much tackle or even a fish. 

My carp fishing rigs setup for big fish, is a heavy fast action rod with a bait casting fishing reel.  I like to use bait casting reels especially for large fish.  However they require some amount of weight to cast well.  Bait casting reels come in a variety of sizes from ultra-light to very heavy with a high line capacity. 

However my true preference in carp fishing rigs is to use no weight at all.  I can do this if I'm fishing a lake or pond where I don't need to make a long cast. In this case my carp fishing rig setup uses an open bail spin casting reel. It will actually cast a light carp bait a fair distance. Generally speaking you will need to adjust your carp fishing rigs for the location you are fishing.  

If you fish from a boat in a big lake with a lot of open water it's fun to use lighter line. Carp fishing rigs with a good bait cast reel and lots of line capacity is great. However if you fish in a river or from shore where there are hidden logs and brush under the surface you'll need some heavy fishing line and a heavy duty fishing pole. 

Carp Fishing Tackle

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I recommend fishing on bottom for carp.  

My preference is to use no weight but this can only be done if you are fishing in still or very slow moving water. It also requires you to use a lighter weight carp fishing rig or you won't be able to cast it out with just the weight of the carp bait. However by using only a small hook tied directly to the end of your main line you can simply place red worms or carp bait over the hook. Carp usually bite lightly pulling the line out then letting it in.  With no weight on the line it is easier to see this action and the carp will feel absolutely no resistance.

Some carp are very picky and will feel the hook under the carp bait.  You can help to solve this problem by placing the carp bait on the line directly.  Leave extra line when tying the hook and make a loop on the line extending past the hook loop.

carp bait, fishing tackle

Carp fishing rigs and your tackle setup will need weight when fishing in a river or stream that has current.

In this case it is best to use a sliding sinker on the end of your carp fishing rigs. the sliding sinker provides minimal resistance and allows you to see and or feel a bite.   Patience is needed for carp fishing.  Though they may bite often they can take your line in and out for quite some time before running with the bait. It seems that the smaller fish will run with your carp bait, but a larger fish will usually test your patience. When using a slack line, If it appears they are not going to run after waiting as long as you can stand it, you can set the hook while the line is moving out or in. Often this will hook the fish but sometimes there is nothing there. 

If your carp fishing rigs are setup with a bait such as wheaties or other soft dough ball you may want to check it often to insure it does not soak off.


There are a lot of ways to fish for carp.  Here in the US carp fishing is not the specialized sport that it is in Europe. Still a lot of people here enjoy catching carp everyday. Each person has their own secrets that enable a great day on or near the water.  Some of my fondest memories are fishing with my dad in the river and catching ten or twenty carp on a Saturday morning. I gained a lot of experience on those days and it is something I will never forget. I hope you will also enjoy many days of fishing and catching carp that will last a lifetime.

I hope the information contained in this post about Carp Fishing Rigs gives you the edge that will make everyday fishing, enjoyable.  

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