Do you ever wonder what is in a Carp bait recipe?   I have most of the more common ingredients listed here for your experimentation.   You can mix and match any of the ingredients to make a specialized bait of your own.  In most cases all you need to do is mix and work the concoction into a dough.  Water will make it softer and grain or powder will toughen it up.  Working the dough back and forth in your hands for a few minutes will create a dough tough enough to stay on a hook for quite a while. Sometimes baits are cooked but it is not always necessary to cook a carp bait recipe to make it tough. 

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The majority of Carp Bait Recipes are made with various types of Corn. These are the most popular and seem to appeal the most to carp.   However as in all homemade bait recipes you will find hundreds of variations.  Every homemade carp bait is a favorite for someone, and all the recipes below or your own variations using the ingredients listed will catch Carp. Some mixes will entice carp better than others but I think carp are a little like people when it comes to food. One carp may like a carp bait recipe using corn as the main ingredient best and another may prefer a bait recipe with oatmeal. That big one just might like a carp bait recipe that is a little different than the norm and that may be why he has not been caught yet.

Carp bait Ingredients

I have listed the main ingredients used in most carp bait recipes here along with how to mix them.   Also included for variations is a list of additional ingredients common to carp bait recipes. 

Corn based recipes are made from:

Creamed Corn, Whole Kernel Corn, Cracked Corn, Corn Meal, Corn Flakes or Grits. 


Other grains used in Carp bait Include:

White bread, soybean meal, Wheaties cereal, Oatmeal and white flour.

Flavor adders to specialize the homemade bait include the following:

Sugar, molasses, maple syrup, honey, vanilla, cinnamon, buttermilk, cottage cheese, limburger cheese,  peanut butter, garlic, anis oil, bananas and cherry or strawberry Kool-Aid or Jello mix,

Some Carp bait recipes also include liver, sardines or shrimp flavoring although I think a bait mix including meat would be more likely to attract catfish. 

I would not use meat in my dough mix if I were strictly fishing for carp. 

Listed below are sample recipes.  These will work as is or you may add or subtract flavor ingredients to your carps taste preferences. It is best to experiment and find the bait that works best for you and your fishing style or location. 

– Carp Bait Recipes You can Make at Home –

The simplest recipes to make are at the top of this list.  Some of these do not include the amount or ratio of each ingredient to use so you can use your own judgement when making up your own variation of the Carp bait recipe.

> Redworms (just put them on a hook) Buy redworms

> Wheaties cereal – Crunch in a bowl or in your hand,  Add water and work into a tough dough.

> Whole kerel canned corn –  Open the can, place 3-4 kernels on a short #4 hook.

> Whole kerel canned corn + Vanilla – In a can of corn, remove the water add vanilla extract . mix thoroughly,  Place 3-4 kernels on a #4 hook.

> Oats 2C instant + Jello 3oz strawberry or cherry + water  –  Mix in ziplick bag,  allow 72 hours before use.

> Wheaties (crunched) + Flour 1C + Garlic salt– Mix well,  Add water and work into a dough.

> Oatmeal + Sardines + water – Mix oatmeal and sardines with oil from can together, add water as needed to make into dough. 

> Grits 4c, + Cracked Corn 1 handful + Blueberry pie filling 1/2 can + Creamed corn 1/4 can – Mix together to dough consistency.  Add a corn puff on the hook while fishing or just eat them as a snack. 

> Cornflakes + Cheese Powder + smooth peanut butter + water – crunch cornflakes add  water and mix about 5 min. add cheese powder then peanut butter and mix to consistency,  Add more water to thin or more cornflakes to thicken,  Freeze until ready to use. 

> Chicken liver + Anis extract + Grits (instant plain) – Blend livers and anis extract in blender,  Mix together with instant grits in bowl to consistency. 

> Flour + Corn meal + Water  (equal amounts)– Mix the corn meal and flour  together, Boil water and add mixture,  when cool work into dough.  

> Wheaties + Banana + Vanilla – Mix together in a large bowl, add in  Wheat germ + Whole Corn Kernel + Sugar – Mix into a dough consistency.  

> Corn meal 2c+ corn starch 1Tbls – mix together – Cream Corn + sugar cook together, add corn meal corn starch mixture to creamed corn,   Crunch in about 1 cup Corn flakes when cool and work into dough. 



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