Kayaking is quickly becoming a great way to fish on the water. As a sports enthusiast I have to admit I would really recommend using a kayak for fishing if you don’t have a larger fishing boat.  It is not only a great fishing tool that is easy to fish from but a kayak is also easy to transport and is good exercise as well.

Silver Coho Salmon caught from a kayakI have a 17 foot fishing boat with a motor for fishing large lakes and rivers but I also have a fishing kayak that I enjoy fishing from.   I bought it a few years ago for a road trip across Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia.  I bought the fishing kayak in order to stop and fish along the way without towing my big fishing boat behind my jeep or needing to find a place to rent a boat.  I found that kayaking was a perfect way to access most any lake,  Even remote lakes without a boat ramp were easy to get on by using a Kayak for fishing.  I had no problem launching onto the many lakes and rivers I fished.  It was the first time I had used a kayak for fishing since I was a young boy, when I built myself a canvas over frame kayak from a kit.

My first Fishing Kayak

Today’s kayaks are much better than the one I built when I was a young boy.  Although I had a lot of fun with it for several years as I was growing up, it was a bit fragile. The canvas bottom would occasionally get a hole in it when I pulled up on shore, if a stiff stick poked at it. However it was also easy to repair and extremely light. Building a kayak was a great project for me as a boy and it helped me to gain experience in fishing and boating. Dedham kayaks, where I bought the plans and kit, is now out of business, but back in the 1960’s after seeing an ad in a magazine,  I bought a complete kit for $60. Wow, can you imagine? Everything showed up a couple weeks later and about two weeks after that I was on the water in a wood framed canvas covered craft. Of course with my fishing pole in hand.

I’m sure you won’t be able to build a kayak kit for sixty dollars today but I found there are some boat building plans and easy instructions available.   It sure is exciting to go out in a kayak you built yourself.  If this sounds like something you would like to do,   Click Here!  to find a set a plans for a boat or Kayak you can build yourself.

Today’s Kayaks

There are many different types of Kayaks available for purchase these days. Anything from large ocean kayaks to small sport kayaks can be found. I enjoy fishing, and have found that a kayak is an exellent fishing tool. I also enjoy exercise and nature. Kayaking has given me a really good way to enjoy all of these things. 

Jackson Kayak Cuda 14For the fisherman, specialized Fishing Kayaks are designed to meet the needs of today’s fisherman.  Listed here are some of the things you want to look for in a good fishing kayak;

  • Stability, This is very important in order to reach your fishing eqipment and when fighting a fish! A Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak  is a good choice.
  • Easy access to poles, net, tackle or any other equipment you may need while out on the water. 
  • Sized to fish the body of water you frequent.  This can be small kayak such as this 10 foot angler by Moken for ponds or lakes and slow moving rivers.  A larger craft such as the Big Tuna from CKS is best for large bodies of water where the wind can kick up big waves or for use in the ocean. However kayaks are very boyant and usually will float like a cork over even the biggest waves.
  • man with fish in Moken KayakWeight is important especially if you fish alone or need to carry your kayak any distance to reach the water for fishing. Most kayays are light but the type of construction can make a big difference. Fiberglss can be heavy but modern plastic Kayaks are a good balance between weight and strength.
  • Consider what you need to carry. Kayaks are small and you will sacrifice some items you may like to carry in a large boat.  How many poles, tackle boxes, and bait boxes will you need?  Do you want an anchor and a net? What about a fish finder or a live well for minnows and don’t forget these will need a power source. The Ocean Kayak brand designs have such features as in this Trident Ultra Angler
  • Another thing to consider is the type of Kayak you want to use. There are two types of kayaks sit inside and sit on top. The sit inside kayak is a traditional style, The sit on top is a fairly new type that has the advantage for water to run out if it. It’s a good choice for a fishing kayak or where water may wash over the side.

One of the most important things to look for is a kayak that is comfortable. Fishing for several hours on a lake or river you’ll want to make sure you have a comfortable seat with a good adjustable back rest.

Now that you have a good idea what to look for check out the selection of fishing Kayaks availible from Colorado Kayak Supply. They have a great supply of kayaks that are good for fishing or any other water activity and have been ranked as the canoe and kayak retailer of the year.  They also have a large assortment of Kayak accessories.  If you are looking to start an adventure in kayaking a river or lake be sure to check out CKS  Colorado Kayak Supply at this  Kayak Fishing   link.

Transporting your Kayak

There are a number of ways to transport a kayak from your home to the river or lake.  Since they are not as heavy as a standard fishing boat getting them to where you would like to fish is much more simple.  They also do not require a boat ramp for entry into lakes and streams. 

Where I live I like to fish in the mountain lakes and many smaller lakes do not allow motors.  The kayak is perfect for such places. It does not destroy the serenity found in a quiet mountain lake and it is simple to launch where you can glide out onto the water peacefully to cast a lure or fly to catch the unsuspecting fish swimming near the surface.  

Kayak DollySometimes you cannot always park near the lake or waterway. In that case, if you are alone or don’t want to carry your kayak and all the gear a long distance. The perfect tool is the Canoe/Kayak Carrier.  It is a specially designed dolly with rugged wheels that will carry your Kayak across the ground as you pull it along.  


Car-top Carriers for Kayaks

There are a lot of different car-top carrier styles.   The most common types are the vertical or J style, which carry a kayak on its side or the load assist which carry a kayak bottom side down.   These all require a cross bar style roof rack for your car or truck.   If you need to get a roof rack the Thule Cross Road is a good solid choice.  A less expensive solution is something like the Roof Turbo Rack. These both have the necessary cross bars that will fit most typical kayak carriers.  

Once you have selected a roof rack, you’ll want to find a Kayak Carrier that works for you.  If you are going to carry more than one Kayak on top of your car or truck it is probably best to get a J style or vertical carrier. The J style carrier provides more room to stack kayaks side by side on top of your car.  These can also be used for a single kayak.  Another thing to think about is the height of your vehicle. If you have a high vehicle such as an SUV or van it can be difficult to reach high enough to load the kayak easily.  In this case you might want to consider a rack with either rollers or a loader plate.

One J style carrier that is easy to use on a high vehicle is the Malone Autoloader J-style Kayak Carrier.  It is designed with a ramp that helps to load the Kayak on top and is very stable at high speeds.   A more standard J-Style carrier is the Rhino Rack LX This one is fully adjustable and flattens easily.

Another good choice especially for an SUV or high vehicle is the Yakima HullyRoller Rooftop Kayak Carrier. This features a set of rollers at the rear kayak supports so that you can simply roll your Kayak up onto your vehicle from the back.  This limits the amount of lifting needed to load you kayak.  It’s a great option after a long day of paddling.

Now if all this seems to complicated or expensive there is a simple and cheaper way to mount your kayak on top of your car.  It might be the best solution for you if you are not planning a long trip or only need a carrier for limited use.   Purchase a set of foam blocks designed to support a kayak or a canoe.  I found that the Malone Standard Foam Block Universal Car Top Carrier Kit has some good reviews and can be purchased here on Amazon for the best price I was able to find.  There are other brands of carriers like this as well however many of the reviews are not favorable due to loud wind noise while traveling.

I hope you will consider the purchase of a Fishing Kayak or any Kayak just for the fun of being out on the water.  They make a great personal craft for fun in the water and have evolved into all sizes and styles to meet any needs.  Kayaks can be a good healthy and less expensive solution than the purchase of a larger fishing boat and in many ways have advantages in stealth and exercise over larger craft. I often enjoy taking my kayak out instead of my motorized boat just to see the wildlife I miss when my motor is running. The difference at times is really amazing.

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